Hi, my name is...

Hamish Cramer

I am dedicated to facilitating your spiritual journey through the powerful practices of Andean Shamanism and Breath-work.

We are living through a great time of change.

My approach is holistic, nurturing not only the mind and body but the spirit as well. I am committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where you can explore, heal, and grow.

Life can be challenging and difficult at times. We all go through periods of feeling lost and disconnected.

You may be struggeling with some of the following:

Feeling uncertain about your life's direction, purpose, and goals.

Being held back by negative thought patterns and self-doubt.

Remaining in your comfort zone and missing out on exciting opportunities for personal growth.

Carrying unresolved emotions that hinder your progress and well-being.

Feeling disconnected from your true self, others, and the world around you.

Guidance for the journey within.

Andean Shamanisim and Breathwork Facilitator.


With years of experience and a deep connection to these ancient traditions, I offer personalized guidance that is tailored specifically to meet your individual needs and goals.

Spiritual Guidance

Leveraging the rich traditions of Andean Shamanism, I provide insights and practices that help you connect with your inner wisdom and the natural world in profound ways.


Through the power of breath, I facilitate experiences that can lead to profound emotional release, increased clarity, and greater peace of mind.

Shamanic Healing

Drawing from a wealth of shamanic rituals and ceremonies, I guide you in practices that cleanse, protect, and strengthen your spiritual path.

Everyone has an inner guru, a source of wisdom and guidance that, when tapped into, can lead to transformative growth and enlightenment.

Through our work together, I aim to help you trust in this innate guidance system, empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and confidence.


Community Breath-work

Respira is the Spanish word for breath. Our breath is our connection from the external world to the internal world.Respira uses ancient technique that combines conscious breathing, sound, and movement to access altered states of consciousness and unlock the body’s innate healing potential.

During this event, you’ll be guided through a series of breathing exercises and meditations that will help you connect with your inner wisdom and release physical, emotional, and mental blockages.


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